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Hair Removal Options – Laser and Electrolysis

4275608271_4e731bb018Does unsightly hair bother you? Do you feel you’re spending too much time shaving your legs and underarms? This article will discuss other hair removal options.
What’s the difference between Laser treatments and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)?

IPL treatments are painless, but laser treatments are more effective and safer in removing hair and preventing hair from regrowing. Laser treatments involve some discomfort.

How many laser sessions are needed?

2 to 4 are usually enough, but it depends on factors such as the thickness of your hair.

Will laser treatments result in permanent hair removal?

Laser reduces the amount of hair and is referred to as “permanent hair reduction”.

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Are laser treatments painful?

Removing hair from the armpit area can be painful. So numbing cream is applied before the laser session. Most women say waxing is more painful. There will be some discomfort and itchiness in the armpit area a few hours after treatment. For leg and arm hair, there will be no pain after the laser treatment.

What is electrolysis and how does it differ from laser hair removal?

Electrolysis is a lengthy process compared to laser hair removal. With electrolysis, each hair has to be treated individually with a tiny probe (needle) inserted into the hair follicle. The probe delivers a little electrical “shock” to the hair root. Permanent damage to the hair root and reproductive cells of the follicle occur. It can be a tedious process, unlike laser treatments that can treat a much wider area.

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Laser hair removal is not permanent. It reduces hair growth up to 90 percent, but it will not completely remove the hair permanently. So you’ll need additional hair removal treatments every 6 months to a year.Electrolysis will require multiple visits, but it’s less expensive than laser treatments because you will not need repeat treatments once the hair is removed. The multiple visits may be worth it to you because unlike laser, electrolysis hair removal is permanent. The cost of a laser treatment is about $150 to $200. Electrolysis costs about $60 an hour.

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