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Nov 6

I had totally given up on finding the right mascara. No offense to Maybelline, Cover Girl and Clinique, but they all get clumpy after awhile and little bits gather under your eyes. They are perfectly good mascaras but the performance only lasts a week or two and then the formula cakes and you get the dreaded clumpiness.


Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC

I haven’t written a new post in weeks–Shame on me. Quite honestly, I run out of ideas. But last month I decided I’d had enough of inferior mascaras and hunted on the Internet for the mascara of my dreams and guess what….I found it!

This top notch mascara is made by PeterThomasRoth and is called Lashes to Die For (TM). I bought the package of 3 mascaras for $45. It comes in an attractive box with a border of purple sparkles around a window with a lavender satin pull tab ribbon. Makes the perfect Christmas gift.

I was skeptical and couldn’t believe how good the mascara was. It must be the ingredients that make the mascara smudge proof and clump-free. The formula conditions and moisturizes with:
-aloe vera
-macadamia nut oil
-silk powder
-Vitamin A, C and E
-Pro Vitamin B5

You can touch your lashes and they won’t be stiff. You’ll have soft lashes with dramatic length and good volume (not very bulky though). I had no difficulty removing the mascara at the end of the day with oil-free makeup remover.

Welcome to Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care!   Click this link to buy Lashes to Die For mascara…..It will bring you to the site’s Home page/ Go to the top of the page and click the SKIN CARE tab. Select SHOP BY COLLECTION/Lashes to Die For.

Watch Chantal reveal which eye has the false eyelashes and which eye has the Lashes to Die For mascara.

Welcome to Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care!   Click this link to buy Lashes to Die For mascara…..It will bring you to the site’s Home page/ Go to the top of the page and click the SKIN CARE tab. Select SHOP BY COLLECTION/Lashes to Die For.



Peter Thomas Roth Labs, LLC

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Jan 10

You can reduce puffiness and dark circles around your eyes. Been spending too much time in front of the computer screen? Stress got you? Eyes puffy, dark circles forming and you come home from work looking a bit haggard?

Why wrinkles start forming 

The skin around the eyes is thin and dry. We use our eyes to see and express emotion. So the skin around the eyes is in constant motion. As a result, eye wrinkles start forming, for some people as early as their twenties, for most people in their forties.

Best eye product to reduce puffiness

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Magnolia Fresh Eyes .5 oz bottle – All skin types


You can prevent a lot of skin damage by using a moisturizer, eye cream, sunscreen and protective sunglasses. If you already have lines and creases, some creams can reduce the appearance of lines for a period of time. I’ve tried different eye creams over the years and like Olay, Neutrogena , L’oreal and Avon. But since creating the StayClearSkin site, I have come across much finer eye products from online skin care companies. 

Benefits of Using MyChelle Dermaceuticals Magnolia Fresh Eyes 

Here are the benefits to reduce puffiness and dark circles I experienced from MyChelle Dermaceuticals Magnolia Fresh Eyes .5 oz bottle – All skin types….Less puffiness under the eyes. Fine lines are much less noticeable. What I like best is it leaves my eye area smooth and ready for applying makeup—no residue is left that will interfere with makeup. I use it in the morning, but you can also use it at night. It’s a soothing gel with a blend of Prodizia™, Caffeine, Kombuchka, and Daisy Flower Extract and a little goes a long way. It leaves your eye skin feeling good and surprisingly not greasy. The skin around the eyes is definitely smoother, less crepey, and hydrated. Magnolia Flower Oil supports nourishment and hydration, and Organic Green Tea Extract provides powerful anti-pollution and antioxidant benefits. An Outstanding Value—.5 oz. for $29.50.


100 Percent PureWatch the video to find out more about MyChelle Dermaceuticals, the leading brand of facial skin care in the natural products industry………Made without Parabens, Petroleum, Phthalates, Silicones, Sulfates, Ureas, Artificial Fragrances and Artificial Color. Vegan. Cruelty-free. 

30% OFF SITEWIDE at MyChelle.com – All natural skin care products – Use code Skin30 at checkout!

And you thought I was done…..I found some top quality products for the skin around your eyes from Wei East, the largest Traditional Chinese Medicine based skin care line in the United States……Wei East Chestnut / Black Soy Refirming Eye Treatment and Wei East White Lotus Eye Dreams – New Packaging got rave reviews on HSN. 

Just make sure you are not allergic to any of the herbal ingredients before trying these products. 


You may also want to try Wei East Advance China Herbal™ Intensive Herbal Eye Treatment Pads.

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Dec 25

To see what products will be delivered to you each month if you subscribe to GLOSSYBOX, watch lovely Sarah Afzal in the You Tube video who candidly speaks about the products she received. She exudes her delight in the top quality beauty products she receives each month and you will too. Subscribe this Fall and find out. You can cancel your subscription if you are not satisfied.


When you create a website, you have to ask yourself, “Why would anyone come to my website to buy anything? What can my site offer as compared to other sites in my niche?” At the advice of my eCommerce instructor, StayClearSkin started out as a store and early on I thought just selling skin products was rather uninteresting and decided to write articles so visitors would find something of value other than competitive pricing.


Novel concept in a beauty product website — Subscription service
I visit other beauty product sites and found one with an interesting concept worthy of telling you about….It’s GLOSSYBOX, the global leader in luxury beauty sampling. GLOSSYBOX is the largest beauty subscription service in the world, and only arrived in the United States last May. GLOSSYBOX offers the leading digital marketing platform for brands to gain publicity and interest in their products, while gaining customer feedback.

Here’s what you do when you land on the site. Register and then answer a series of questions to create your beauty profile. Beauty experts analyze the data and then you the customer receive a carefully curated box of travel-sized products specifically selected to fit your needs for a monthly fee of $21. You will receive beautiful gift boxes with your sample products inside. IMAGINE receiving this every month. You will receive a minimum of 5 products, and you will be encouraged to give your opinion on the products so the company can rate them and help the company to choose appropriate products for your next package.

Want your own GLOSSYBOX? Grab it here by clicking the banner:


Earn Rewards for a Complimentary Box

You can earn GLOSSYDOTS as a member. Every time you review a product, you earn 20 dots. Accumulate 1,000 dots and you will receive a complimentary box. Get 200 Glossydots if one of your friends signs up.


GLOSSYBOX — Luxurious Gift for Someone Special

For the PERFECT GIFT IDEA, buy a 3 month subscription for $58.50 and a 6 month subscription for $111. Members can send a GLOSSYBOX  gift for a mere $15. Products for these gifts are DELUXE-sized. Don’t miss out. You’ve just found a gift to excite the women in your life. 

Sep 23

What’s collagen?

Why is collagen essential in achieving wrinkle-free skin and why should you use collagen creams? Right below the surface of your skin there’s something that determines if your skin will wrinkle and when it will wrinkle. Collagen is a network of protein fibers that keeps skin firm, elastic and youthful. As you get older and your skin ages, you lose collagen…and wrinkles start to appear. There are things you can do to slow down the aging process.

Who is at greatest risk of getting wrinkles?    

Everyday living destroys precious collagen. But you’re at greater risk if you are:

  • fair skinned
  • dry skinned
  • thin skinned

How can you save your collagen? 

Here are things you can do to protect the collagen in your skin:

  • Avoid too much sun exposure. You don’t have to stay out of the sun completely. However, you have to use sunscreen every day. Choose one that shields against both UVA and UVB rays, with an SPF of at least 15.
  • Don’t pull or stretch your skin by resting your face on your hands or sleeping burrowed face-down in your pillow.
  • Stop smoking to prevent lines around your mouth.
  • Don’t massage your face or rub it dry. Pat gently with a towel.
  • Have the right prescription for your glasses so you won’t be squinting, which can lead to wrinkles.

Are there any skin care products that can make you look younger?

Cosmetic companies know how important collagen is to the skin, but it would be misleading to suggest that you can just rub collagen back into your skin to replenish it. The molecules are too big to reach your collagen layer where they are most needed. However, there are skin products with collagen that can make you look more youthful and here are some of the products with collagen available on this site:


Did we find an answer to Botox?

Did we find the replacement for StriVectin-SD?
…Maybe! We are all aware of the benefits Collagen offers & now thanks to our remarkable custom formulization, we make it affordable for everyone!

*No More Painful Injections
*No More Costly Doctor VisitsFinally, an affordable Collagen Creme (Click product name for details)!
Help Restore that Youthful, Lustrous Beauty

-Help Eliminate those Lines and Wrinkles
-Discover the Wonders of Collagen’s Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle Properties

*So Smooth *So White *So Effective

Only $39.95 for a full 4 oz. Jar

Our Collagen Creme (Click product name for details) is sure to save you Money compared to costly, painful Botox Injections or Expensive StriVectin-SD

To see more top quality products with collagen, Click here….Collagen Products.


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Aug 21

There are so many skin care companies out there claiming to have the best products for your skin. All sorts of scientific terms and study results are flung at the consumer, and it’s difficult to determine if a lot of them really make a difference. I found a skin care company that uses oxygen in their products and tried them on my face to see if they would make a difference.

Why Use Oxygen in Skin Care Products?

Up to half the oxygen content in our skin can be lost by the age of 25. As we age, our skin becomes less efficient at renewing itself, resulting in slower cellular metabolism, the reduction of collagen and elastin, and the appearance of fine lines and discoloration. The external effects of sun exposure, air pollution, diet, and day-to-day stress can make skin look dull and dry. When skin is deprived of oxygen, it shows. The skin care products company, Oxygen Botanicals, recommends breathing new life into your skin with their products.

How is Oxygen Botanicals Different?

Oxygen Botanicals is the first skin care line infused with pure oxygen that is not chemically derived. Most oxygen product lines use hydrogen peroxide, which produces oxygen through a chemical reaction. This method can bleach skin and facial hair, and can be drying to the skin. Oxygen Botanicals has developed a unique and proprietary process to stabilize and encapsulate pure oxygen into catezome structures. Pure oxygen and other nutrients are time-released through an advanced liposome delivery system. This highly effective micro-encapsulation technology delivers active ingredients into the upper layers of the skin.

New Bio-Enviro’ technology is a new breakthrough technology which uses catezome structures to suspend Pure Oxygen, a process so time consuming and costly that it has not been duplicated. It uses TIME RELEASE technology: Twelve different sizes of catezomes disperse into the skin approximately every 50 minutes. With twice daily applications, Oxygen Botanicals formulations provide 24 hours of rejuvenating oxygen to the skin. It has been tried and tested by scientists, doctors and estheticians.

Benefits of Botanicals

The researchers at Oxygen Botanical Laboratories have chosen botanical extracts and vitamins that are scientifically useful for the particular benefits which contribute to healthy looking skin. Japanese Green Tea (a potent antioxidant) is infused in every Oxygen Botanicals product. Some of the other benefits of botanical extracts include: (1) Calming: Chamomile, Echinacea, Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica). (2) Revitalizing & Invigorating: Eucalyptus, Horse Chestnut. (3) Antioxidant: Meadowsweet. (4) Emollient: Soybean.

This all sounds impressive. Now let’s see how I rated some of the products:

Hyaluronic Hydrating Gel

It’s almost the end of the summer and my facial skin needs a boost. My face isn’t suntan; however, I need hydration without making my oily skin look and feel greasy.
Hyaluronic Hydrating Gel
(Click the product name for details) 
is a medium weight gel emollient. It glided over my skin and a small amount  on my fingertip covered a large area.  My skin felt instantly softer and smoother, and in a few minutes the product was absorbed into my skin for a dewy look. Two hours later the product’s effect on the look and feel of my skin had lasted, and my cheek skin looked plumper and firmer. I had concentrated on the sides of my forehead where there were signs of some sun damage and there’s no doubt hydrating your skin with this product improved the look of my skin, smooth and softening small lines on my forehead.
Hyaluronic Hydrating Gel
(Click the product name for details) 
hydrates the skin with 30% hyaluronic acid, which has the ability to bind and retain many times its weight in water. It alleviates effects of severely dry to dehydrated skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It has a pleasant light scent and is suited for all skin types.


A 47 year old woman gave the following Testimonial: “I have used Oxygen Botanicals Hyaluronic Hydrating Gel (Click the product name for details)  around my eyes for relief from the burning, itching, and dryness caused by an allergic reaction. My eyes look absolutely normal now without any lasting effect of the reaction. I know it was because I was very diligent in applying the Hyaluronic Hydrating Gel several times a day.” The company recommends using the product under the eyes, and on the lips, hands, neck and decollete.

Oxygen Botanicals Anti-Oxidant Cream

I also tried their anti-oxidant cream on my face and neck. The cream goes on smoothly and glides over the skin. It’s lightly oiled and has a very light citrusy scent. The company describes its benefits as potent Catechins, anti-oxidants, which counteract free-radical activity by reconditioning and protecting the skin. Japanese Green Tea Extract, containing Catechins, and Vitamins C & E counteract free radical activity to inhibit premature aging. Vitamins A & D act as keratinization regulators to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, the Anti-Oxidant Cream contains Sorbitol (obtained from leaves, berries, plums, pears, apples, seaweed, and algae) and other humectants to hydrate the skin. The company recommends Anti-Oxidant Cream (Click the product name for details)  for dry skin types.


My next post will be a review of Oxygen Botanicals’ acne regimen, ACNE 1-2-3.


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Aug 7

Anti-oxidants provide sun protection

Try to protect your sun from the skin so you don’t have to do much to undo sun damage. It’s not only what you put on your skin that protects it from the sun. Antioxidant vitamins may help combat sunburn by aiding the skin’s ability to fight off damaging free radicals generated by UV light. According to a study conducted by The American Academy of Dermatology, people who took oral supplements of natural vitamins E and C increased their resistance to sunburn by 20 percent.

Wear sunscreen 

All sunscreen products have SPF (=sun protection factor) of at least 2. It’s not enough to apply sunscreen once. You need to know how often to apply it or should we say re-apply it. It’s important  to pay attention to the SPF number. It tells you how long the product will protect your skin based on your skin’s tolerance to UV rays. So if you turn red after 10 minutes, and you use an SPF 15, you’ll be protected 10 x 15 or 150 minutes. So after 150 minutes or before that, reapply sunscreen and you’ll avoid getting sunburn.

Nighttime regimen to help undo skin damage from the sun  

Step 1  After cleansing your face, exfoliate your damp skin with a gentle alpha hydroxy scrub. This will help smooth away dry, sun-damaged cells from the skin’s surface. Rinse with warm water.

Step 2  Apply a product with hydroquinone, a bleaching agent that helps fade blotches. Then apply a skin product enriched with alpha hydroxy acids. 

Step 3
Moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes with an eye cream that has antioxidant properties to undo sun damage. Gently pat the cream along the tops of your cheekbones. Don’t pull the delicate skin under your eyes.  The eye cream we recommend for the area around the eyes is NeoStrata Bionic Eye Cream  (Click product name to get details).

An excellent anti-oxidant cream to undo sun damage for the face is  Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex (Click product name to get details). It counteracts free radical activity and reconditions and protects the skin. This top notch anti-oxidant cream is suited to all skin types.

thumb Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex

“Recharge and renew skin with Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex, the night time transformer! Powerful Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) Gluconolactone decreases lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone and improves roughness and texture. Lactobionic Acid – a potent antioxidant – inhibits wrinkles from forming, plumps and firms the skin, and enhances clarity. This bionic blend of PHAs, along with botanicals and Vitamins A, C and E, delivers full-strength anti-aging benefits without drying or irritation, even on the most sensitive skin types. Evening Restorative Complex is dermatologist developed and gentle enough to be used following Glycolic Acid Peels and Microdermabrasion. Non-comedogenic / acnegenic. For all skin types.”

Step 4  Moisturize the rest of your face with nighttime cream. DON’T use a sunscreen product while you sleep, as they contain chemicals your skin doesn’t need at night. 


Order from the official NeoStrata site

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Jun 12
Banish Blemishes on Your Shoulders and Back
Your shoulders are an area of your body that’s easy to neglect because you don’t see them often. Your shoulders contain the greatest number of oil glands and are most subject to breakouts. To heal blemishes overnight, follow these beauty tips: Dot pimples with the same benzoyl peroxide product you use on your face. For combination dry and blemished skin, dab calamine lotion on pimples, let dry, then follow with a lanolin-free moisturizer (Lanolin is often an acne irritant.)

Here’s an effective product for “bacne”…….

Murad Clarifying Body Spray - 4.3 oz. - Murad Acne

Murad Clarifying Body Spray – 4.3 oz. – Murad Acne

More Beauty Tips…………..

Overnight Skin Care
Here’s a beautifying treatment to banish dry, flaky skin overnight…..After cleansing your face, smooth on a moisturizing mask and leave on until morning when you can rinse it off.
Is oiliness a problem for your complexion? Here’s the answer to oiliness: Tone cleansed face with shine-eliminating witch hazel, treat blemishes with an acne medication. If breakouts are a major problem, use a fresh pillowcase every night to avoid contact with oily facial residue. Everyone can avoid morning pillow wrinkles by sleeping on your back.
Remember to remove makeup before sleep or it will clog your pores and result in breakouts.
Don’t drink alcohol before bedtime. It’s dehydrating effects leave skin pale, eyes dry.


For Youthful Eyes
To ease the effects of time, pat on a rich eye moisturizer before bed.
Choose an eye gel or light cream formulated with botanicals, such as comfrey, marigold or chamomile to avoid unsightly morning puffiness.
Artificial tears dropped into eyes before sleep keep them well lubricated and looking bright and white the next day.
For perfectly groomer brows, brush upwards, then dab with moisturizer to train them in line overnight.



For Luscious Lips
To make dry lips soft, exfoliate them first by gently rubbing with a warm washcloth, then coat with a thin layer of healing medicated lip balm (recommend Blistex). Wait a few minutes, then apply a final film of petroleum jelly. A little eye gel dabbed at the corners of the mouth and just beyond lip line will keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.



Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips - 0.33 oz. - Murad Skin Care Products

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips – 0.33 oz. – Murad Skin Care Products

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