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About Me

StayClearSkin.com was developed by me, Anne E. Cooper, MS so people could achieve the skin they always wanted. Growing up I had some friends with acne and saw how they agonized over their skin problems—going to dermatologists, trying skin treatments and medications that burned or irritated their skin, constant breakouts that made them feel self-conscious and interfered with their enjoyment of life. I witnessed their private torment and wondered if some day there would a way to help acne sufferers.

Today there are skin care regimens that can help acne sufferers clear and prevent their skin problems, and my site will feature my picks of the top skin care regimens for acne, mature skin, and skin problems.

I have worked as an electrologist, English as a Second Language teacher and medical college Institutional Review Board administrator, and am  devoted to helping people improve their skin condition and experience the best skin possible to look their very best and enjoy life.