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Solar Lentigos (Solar pigmentation) on the Hands

Our hands take a beating. Do you neglect to wear gloves when you wash dishes and scrub pots and pans? Do you apply sun protection on your hands when you go out in the sun? For many of us, the wear and tear of life is most noticeable on the hands. Many people are self-conscious about liver spots (also referred to as age spots) on the back of their hands. They consider these liver spots so unsightly that they wish to have these spots removed. This can be done by various methods including electrosurgery, laser treatment and cryotherapy. But first, a little background on liver spots….



What are Liver Spots (Age Spots) and do they have anything to do with liver problems?

It was once believed that Liver Spots were caused by liver problems. Today doctors know that Liver Spots are not medically related to liver problems; however, they do have a similar color and shape to the liver. Liver Spots commonly occur on our skin and tend to arise as we grow older, especially after age 40. They are more noticeable in those of us who have had more exposure to the sun and ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. Liver spots can be light brown or red, or even dark red or black. The darker liver spots can be mistaken for more serious skin issues such as melanoma. So if a person has dark spots, s/he should see a doctor before having any cosmetic procedure to remove or lighten them. Liver spots are more common and noticeable on the parts of the body that have been exposed to direct sunlight such as the hands and face (including the forehead), shoulders and arms. For those who have let their skin fry in the sun, liver spots can appear on the back, legs, abdomen and chest areas. People who choose laser therapy usually have liver spots removed from their face, hands and forearms. Using 532nm wavelength, excellent results can be achieved after 1 to 4 treatments 4 weeks apart. But you may not want to pursue laser therapy and prefer trying topical treatments that may possibly lighten your liver spots. An excellent product is NeoStrata’s
Exuviance OptiLight Essential 6 Serum 

thumb-7 Exuviance OptiLight Essential 6 Serum concentrates eleven potent brighteners to target six pigment control systems, helping break up and reduce the visible intensity of existing darker pigmented areas, and discourages new spots from forming. Our patented NeoGlucosamine and pigment evening Peptide blend is enhanced with proven botanical brighteners. Licorice and pure active botanical ingredients are extracted from seven Alpine Plants, including Mallow and Lady’s Mantle, proven effective brighteners for skin. Size: 1 oz.

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An alternative method for lightening and removing age spots and freckles is with Intense Pulsed Light. These treatments are considered non-invasive.

How does the Intense Pulsed Light treatment work?

Intense Pulsed Light systems release a short pulse of filtered light that is readily absorbed by the high concentration of melanin found within freckles, sun spots or liver spots. The rapid absorption of light energy heats the melanin and causes the destruction of the melanin-rich cells.

You may have been a bronze beauty in your youth, but you may now be dissatisfied with skin damage that resulted from that overexposure. What was once an attractive, glowing skin color may now be an accumulation of skin blemishes and lesions. Chronic skin damage results in a cosmetic change in the skin’s appearance called “photo-aging”. Brown spots and other unsightly marks are evidence of “photo-aging”. Chronic skin damage could also bring about changes that are of medical and health concern such as skin cancers and pre-cancerous lesions. So take heed and limit your exposure to the sun and protect your skin with sunscreen when you go outside.

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