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Mar 23

Just picked up some of the best skin care tips from allure to make your skin look younger, fresher and brighter.

Be careful when adding volume to your face……It can add years.dermal-fillers-1

Dermal Fillers
The most popular fillers are Radiesse, Juvederm and Sculptra. Savvy women know that a fuller face looks younger than a tight, gaunt looking face.

To achieve that fuller face, many patients and their doctors go overboard, making their eyes, mouth and jawline dwarfed by their pumped up cheeks. Dermatologists can fill the fat pads that go away with age—-at the temples, front of the ears and chin. By filling the periphery of the face, softness and balance are restored.

before and after

UVA rays  Be careful of the sun. UVA rays can travel through windows in the office, home and car, but UVB light cannot. Most people don’t worry about UVA rays, which cause a tenth as much tanning as UVB. Research studies have revealed that UVA is carcinogenic and induces the grayish, yellowy cast you can see in older people’s skin.

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One dermatologist reported a laser-resurfacing patient who had 5 times more wrinkling on one side of the face. This was caused by years of driving long distances daily. Dermatologists recommend wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen every day of the year.

Beware of strenuous exercise  Another dermatologist reported he can identify women who tense the jaw and throat when exercising because it makes the cords of the neck more prominent and drags down the face.

Lotion is lotion  Inexpensive face cream has some benefits. Any emollient will temporarily plump up face lines and help prevent skin aging. If you have sun damaged skin, a daily lotion containing glycerin, shea butter or another basic hydrator helps your skin repair itself. However, dermatologists prefer moisturizers containing ingredients that will boost cell turnover, stimulate collagen growth, and banish DNA-damaging free radicals.

Lines from sipping drinks through a straw 

blond drinking thru strawDermatologists recommend not drinking with a straw. The constant pursing of the lips creates lines and aggravates existing ones around the mouth. Squirt bottled water into your mouth instead of sucking on the top of the bottle.

Remember these best skin tips to protect your skin from damage.

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