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Jan 10

You can reduce puffiness and dark circles around your eyes. Been spending too much time in front of the computer screen? Stress got you? Eyes puffy, dark circles forming and you come home from work looking a bit haggard?

Why wrinkles start forming 

The skin around the eyes is thin and dry. We use our eyes to see and express emotion. So the skin around the eyes is in constant motion. As a result, eye wrinkles start forming, for some people as early as their twenties, for most people in their forties.

Best eye product to reduce puffiness

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Magnolia Fresh Eyes .5 oz bottle – All skin types


You can prevent a lot of skin damage by using a moisturizer, eye cream, sunscreen and protective sunglasses. If you already have lines and creases, some creams can reduce the appearance of lines for a period of time. I’ve tried different eye creams over the years and like Olay, Neutrogena , L’oreal and Avon. But since creating the StayClearSkin site, I have come across much finer eye products from online skin care companies. 

Benefits of Using MyChelle Dermaceuticals Magnolia Fresh Eyes 

Here are the benefits to reduce puffiness and dark circles I experienced from MyChelle Dermaceuticals Magnolia Fresh Eyes .5 oz bottle – All skin types….Less puffiness under the eyes. Fine lines are much less noticeable. What I like best is it leaves my eye area smooth and ready for applying makeup—no residue is left that will interfere with makeup. I use it in the morning, but you can also use it at night. It’s a soothing gel with a blend of Prodizia™, Caffeine, Kombuchka, and Daisy Flower Extract and a little goes a long way. It leaves your eye skin feeling good and surprisingly not greasy. The skin around the eyes is definitely smoother, less crepey, and hydrated. Magnolia Flower Oil supports nourishment and hydration, and Organic Green Tea Extract provides powerful anti-pollution and antioxidant benefits. An Outstanding Value—.5 oz. for $29.50.


100 Percent PureWatch the video to find out more about MyChelle Dermaceuticals, the leading brand of facial skin care in the natural products industry………Made without Parabens, Petroleum, Phthalates, Silicones, Sulfates, Ureas, Artificial Fragrances and Artificial Color. Vegan. Cruelty-free. 

30% OFF SITEWIDE at MyChelle.com – All natural skin care products – Use code Skin30 at checkout!

And you thought I was done…..I found some top quality products for the skin around your eyes from Wei East, the largest Traditional Chinese Medicine based skin care line in the United States……Wei East Chestnut / Black Soy Refirming Eye Treatment and Wei East White Lotus Eye Dreams – New Packaging got rave reviews on HSN. 

Just make sure you are not allergic to any of the herbal ingredients before trying these products. 


You may also want to try Wei East Advance China Herbal™ Intensive Herbal Eye Treatment Pads.

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Jan 3

Snowed in and have nothing to do? Got that After-Holiday Letdown feeling?

Start the New Year right….Find out what skin care products are best suited to your skin care needs.

TAKE the  philosophy.com SKIN CARE QUIZ

Click the  philosophy.com text link and click the skin care tab when you get to the site.

Go to the bottom of the page and click the skin care quiz icon.circle-quiz


Here are the questions you will have to answer to be given your personalized skin care plan:

skincare-quiz Your answers will be computed and you’ll get recommendations on what skin care product to use to:


……and then you’ll be told what EYE cream and PEEL are best for your skin care needs.

Voila! Your personalized skin care plan on one page. 

Here are some banners to go directly to the product pages:


And to lift your spirits even more, visit http://www.beliefnet.com for articles with inspirational thoughts.

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Jan 2

Winter’s here and the weather is dry. Your skin is exposed to indoor heaters and starts to lose its moisture. You need to use facial mist to keep your face hydrated.

Use Facial Mist to Hydrate Skin

What can you do to prevent your skin from drying out? Use a facial mist to bring life to your face. You’ll feel re-energized.

Pick a face mist that has hydrating ingredients like essential oils, botanical extracts or glycerin…and you can even find one with a scent that will awaken your senses. Dermalogica’s UltraCalming Mist is highly recommended by many beauty experts.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist For sensitized, reactive and recently resurfaced skin. Now from the skin health experts at Dermalogica comes UltraCalming the first system to contain proprietary UltraCalming Complex for relief from multiple pathways that lead to skin sensitization. In clinical studies, UltraCalming yields up to a 30% reduction in redness. A soothing, hydrating mist that quickly relieves sensitivity while helping to calm redness, stinging and aggravated skin. Contains no artificial fragrance or color. Contains Dermalogica exclusive UltraCalming? Complex to help reduce sensitivity, redness, irritation and inflammation. Helps condition skin to prepare for proper moisture absorption. Directions: After cleansing, spray over face, neck and chest with eyes closed. For added benefits, press into skin. Net Weight: 6 oz./177 ml

Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist

There’s a difference between thermal and mineral water mists and mists with essential oils

Most of us believe that if we liberally spray a thermal or mineral water mist on our faces (especially advantageous throughout  airplane flights), our skin will stay moist and refreshed….WRONG. If there are no hydrating ingredients to bind the moisture to the skin, the water will evaporate and your skin may wind up DRIER than before.

The product label tells you how to apply it properly:

(1) Hold the dispenser 5 to 6 inches from your face and spritz…Don’t drown your skin.

(2) Let the mist stay on your face for about a minute and then blot (not wipe) the excess with a tissue.

If you use one of the latest hydrating mists (that have essential oils), you shouldn’t need to use a facial mist during the day…although you can still use one mid-day to refresh and rehydrate your skin.

Different Ways to Use Your Facial Mist

(1) Under Your Moisturizer  In the morning after cleansing your skin, spray on facial mist (Don’t blot it) and then apply moisturizer. You’re trapping water with another product. You can use any facial mist to accomplish this.

(2) To Set Your Makeup & Get Rid of a Powdery Finish  If you don’t like a powdery, chalky look, use a facial mist as the last step in your daily makeup application routine. You’ll love the result—dewy, healthy looking skin.

Use one of the hydrating facial mists and don’t spray it too close to your face. Make sure it’s a fine mist—Don’t drench yourself and end up smearing your makeup. 

Here are some more reasonably priced hydrating facial mists…………….

Givenchy Mist Me Gently Instant Moisturizing & Relaxing Mist 100ml/3.3oz Givenchy Mist Me Gently Instant Moisturizing & Relaxing Mist 100ml/3. A light hydrating facial mist Contains superb-fine micro-droplets to invigorate & nurture skin Formulated with hyaluronic acid for hydration Slows down evaporation of water Loaded with Yin Yang complex of Egyptian lotus sacred lotus & magnesium salt Helps relieve stressed skin Leaves skin relaxed & energetic To use: Mist onto face before makeup to refresh & supple skin or after for a quick fix

Givenchy Mist Me Gently Instant Moisturizing & Relaxing Mist 100ml/3.3oz


Ole Henriksen Balancing Cucumber Face Mist (For Dry / Sensitive Skin) 207ml/7oz Ole Henriksen Balancing Cucumber Face Mist (For Dry / Sensitive Skin) 207ml/7ozA skin-brightening toner for men Helps calm & revitalize dry sensitive skin Formulated with beneficial plant & herbal extracts of Cucumber essence Chamomile & Ginseng Provides soothing & replenishing benefits Skin appears supple & balanced in a healthy glow

Ole Henriksen Balancing Cucumber Face Mist (For Dry / Sensitive Skin) 207ml/7oz


Wen Lavender Replenishing Treatment Mist (For Hair Face & Body) 177ml/6oz Wen Lavender Replenishing Treatment Mist (For Hair Face & Body) 177ml/6ozA multi-task treatment mist for hair face & body Helps revive & re-style hair in between cleansings Provides a lightweight formula that replaces a leave-in conditioner for hair lacking volume or body Contains Lavender Extract & Oil for pacifying soothing relaxing & refreshing properties Delivers extra hydration to refresh face or body & set makeup Leaves hair supple moist & healthy looking

Wen Lavender Replenishing Treatment Mist (For Hair Face & Body) 177ml/6oz

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Jan 1

Run. Don’t walk….Here’s Your Winter Skin Fix……


It’s New Year’s Eve Day and a chilly 23 degrees in Upstate New York, with snow expected tomorrow.
For Christmas I bought myself Organic Argan Oil from             and was thrilled with the results.

Argan Oil is Economical

The white porcelain bottle with a pump dispenser slides out of a 2-piece canister. And not a meager 1 oz. …
You get 1.6 fl. oz. for the reasonable $30 you pay.

Versatile Product that delivers

Everyone has different skin problems and needs. Mine are easing fine lines and repairing sun damage around the eyes, crepiness on the sides of the forehead, and furrows between the eyebrows. Just rub a few drops of Argan Oil between your palms and apply it to your face, neck and décolleté.

Feed your winter skin. Argan Oil gets ride of tightness and your skin will feel softer, silkier and more supple. Fine lines become less noticeable.

Go to                            and read the product reviews. Argan Oil users report Argan Oil moisturizes without making skin feel greasy, didn’t clog their pores, and made a noticeable improvement in face dryness and reduced wrinkles.

Those with acne-prone skin reported that Argan Oil did not cause breakouts and even helped with acne scars. One user said she preferred Argan Oil to the high-quality olive oil she had been using. Many people noted other uses for  Argan Oil—-an effective cuticle moisturizer, soothe dry lips, improve the appearance of neck wrinkles, and soften dry heels and elbows.

Make Your Hair Shinier and Healthier with Argan Oil 

Not to mention the benefits of Argan Oil for your hair….tame frizzy hair, repair split ends, and make hair shiny. Be careful to use only use a few drops on damp hair. 

Order arrived with 3 free product samples

Delighted to find a SURPRISE when my order arrived….3 free sample packets were included:

  •                     NEW HOT PRODUCT

100 Percent Pure

    And even an age corrective beauty product….100 Percent Pure

        ……….Can’t wait to try them.

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